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SARATOGA Nightstand

SARATOGA Nightstand


All-A-Board and follow your dreams. As with premium travel trunks from the 19th century, the Saratoga Collection evokes an emotion from an exciting time in our history. Symbolic of land and sea travel, the Saratoga embodies a sense of style and adventure. With its’ unique rounded edges, custom built hardware and generous storage, it has a personality all its’ own.

Customizable finish options and your choice of hardware

POWER MANAGEMENT OPTION Convenient Charging Station for your electronic devices.

N-SR13 Saratoga 3 Drawer Nightstand - 25Wx29Hx18-1/8D
N-SR13PM Saratoga 3 Drawer Nightstand w/Power Management - 25Wx29Hx18-1/8D
N-SR11 Saratoga 1 Drawer Nightstand - 25Wx29Hx18-1/8D
N-SR11PM Saratoga 1 Drawer Nightstand w/Power Management - 25Wx29Hx18-1/8D
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