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GLENGARRY Dining Chair

GLENGARRY Dining Chair


No place like home. Glengarry County has rich history in the early formation of Upper Canada. In it resides one of the oldest surviving log cabins in Ontario. Built in 1784, it symbolizes the very essence of hand crafted workmanship. Our Glengarry Collection blends the simplicity of fine design with the rustic charm of the past. A transitional style incorporating subtle curves and attention to detail. Like the warmth from a fireplace on a cold winter night, or the sounds of nature on an early spring morning, the Glengarry Collection embodies the comforts of home and family.

P-GG20FS Glengarry Side Chair With Fabric Seat - 20-1/2Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG21FS Glengarry Arm Chair With Fabric Seat - 24Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG20WS Glengarry Side Chair With Wood Seat - 20-1/2Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG21WS Glengarry Arm Chair With Wood Seat - 24Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG20LS Glengarry Side Chair With Leather Seat - 20-1/2Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
P-GG21LS Glengarry Arm Chair With Leather Seat - 24Wx41-1/2Hx22-1/2D
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