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CHATTANOOGA Pedestal Dining Table

CHATTANOOGA Pedestal Dining Table


Strength of Character, the Chattanooga Collection draws inspiration from the rich history of the railroad industry. A simpler time, yet crucial in the development of North America. As with all classic designs, the Chattanooga stimulates the senses. Careful placement of angular shapes, combined with custom formed metal hardware, the Chattanooga is a true “One-Of-A- Kind” work of art. Enjoy the journey.

Customizable wood and finish options.


P-CHP4272-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4260-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4260-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4260-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4260-S Chattanooga Pedestal 42x60 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4272-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4272-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4272-S Chattanooga Pedestal 42x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4284-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4284-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4284-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 42x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4284-S Chattanooga Pedestal 42x84 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4296-S Chattanooga Pedestal 42x96 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP42108-S Chattanooga Pedestal 42x108 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP42120-S Chattanooga Pedestal 42x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4860-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4860-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4860-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4860-S Chattanooga Pedestal 48x60 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4872-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4872-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4872-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4872-S Chattanooga Pedestal 48x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4884-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4884-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4884-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 48x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP4884-S Chattanooga Pedestal 48x84 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP4896-S Chattanooga Pedestal 48x96 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP48108-S Chattanooga Pedestal 48x108 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP48120-S Chattanooga Pedestal 48x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP5460-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5460-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5460-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5460-S Chattanooga Pedestal 54x60 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP5472-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5472-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5472-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5472-S Chattanooga Pedestal 54x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP5484-2 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5484-3 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5484-4 Chattanooga Pedestal 54x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-CHP5484-S Chattanooga Pedestal 54x84 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP5496-S Chattanooga Pedestal 54x96 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP54108-S Chattanooga Pedestal 54x108 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-CHP54120-S Chattanooga Pedestal 54x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
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